Saturday, July 16, 2005
driving, eating, driving, more eating...

...that pretty much sums up this past Friday.

In the morning, Steph picked me up early to get Simon arriving at LAX and pick-up the new rental car. We got a bit of late start, but things went off nicely without a hitch. After getting both Simon and the car (in about that order), we headed off to meet Jermaine (former UW AACF staffer now at UCLA and May (Steph's friend) for lunch at a restaurant called 'Sam Woo' next to a Ranch 99. Chinese food tastes really good when you're craving it, especially salt & pepper pork.

After lunch, Jermaine lead us to old Pasadena, where we wandered around the various shops. There wasn't too much to see, but it did enjoy two places - a used CD/record/DVD shop where I bought a bootleg mixtape CD, and a frozen yogurt shop similar to Coldstone where I got this vanilla yogurt with crushed Oreos in it. Other than that, there wasn't too much to see, though the walking was good exercise.

We also stopped by a Barnes & Noble to kill some time, escape the heat, and enjoy the air conditioning. I ended up reading gun magazines and browsing another Shusaku Endo book. Since this week is the release of the new Harry Potter book, they were taking reservations for copies and handing out free Harry Potter fashion schwag.

Check out these nerds:

Crazy tourists.

At night, still feeling the effects of all the Chinese food and frozen yogurt that was devoured, we opted for something a bit lighter (but still tasty), so we headed to K-town for some soon doo boo. I dialed for assistance and davephonic kindly directed us to a BCD Tofu House, where Susan was added to the entourage. The eating was good, but I must admit... the Korean food felt lonely in my stomach without any soju.

The wedding is roughly in 12 hours. Whoohooo.


i think you would've enjoyed janm.

Old Town Pas is a good seller if you're a chick and you wanna shop.
i'm amused by the titles behind the crazy tourists. haha. -f
late start... i needed sleep. getting up early is difficult.
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