Sunday, July 17, 2005
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Well, Joe and Grace's wedding went off without any hitches this past Saturday, and even though I was briefly delayed, I arrived with Steph and Simon on time to catch the entire beautiful ceremony at a cozy church in Westwood.

They held the reception at a Korean-Chinese (or Chinese-Korean?) restaurant in K-town called "Dragon". The banquet had the typical events such as speeches by the best man and the maid in honor, tossing the bouqet and garter, along with a performance of a cool Korean wedding tradition to show respect to the parents of the groom & bride, paebaek, which reminded me of family tea ceremonies at Chinese weddings.

The night eventually ended with a small gathering of close friends at hotel lounge for drinks, which I was nicely invited to. The original planned venue got overbooked though, so it got moved to a fancy hotel at Santa Monica which was charging $9 for a single shot of JW on the rocks! Needless to say, my poor self opted for just a $5 Guinness instead which was plenty for the short evening... no late nights out, fully toasted and passed out on an LA curb.

Congrats again to Grace and Joe!


Today was pretty chill. I went with my cousin to his church, Grace Community Church, a huge church out in Sun Valley. The college service alone featured a huge congregation, which was diverse but mostly white and Asian (a Christian phenomenon in "multi-ethnic" churches that I have several thoughts on, none of which are probably too popular or uncontroversial). The sermon was different from what I'm normally used to in that it was a hard-core Scriptural exposition of eschatology, focusing on the argument of pre-tribulation Rapture. Not the most seeker friendly topic, but it was interesting.

Post-church, my cousin took me to a nice sushi joint in Japantown, where I had another flashback to Japan when the staff yelled "Irrashai!" as we walked in. After lunch, we also got to check out the Giant Robot store, where I was solely tempted to buy a cool t-shirt or even a Domokun keychain, but the lightness of my wallet reminded me again of my poverty and I had to go without. Oh well.

Tomorrow is my last day in LA and it's back to Seattle.


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