Thursday, June 30, 2005
trippin' to Babylon

So after about a month of trying to search / scam a deal on cheap airfare, I decided to pony up a big chunk of airline miles to go to Babylon, er, LA see my friends Grace and Joe. Getting an airline ticket solely via mileage was yet another reminder of my poverty, but seeing how I feel I owe it to the both of them to show up to their wedding, I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much.

Easy come, easy go.

As another side consequence of getting a ticket through this way is that I'll actually be in LA a little while longer than I thought - instead of the Thursday to Sunday trip I wanted (July 14th-17th) , I'll actually be in LA from Wednesday to Monday (July 13th-18th). I'll be crashing at my cousin's house in Westwood, but since he's working, I'll probably be on my own to seek out entertainment.

Anyone wanna hang out while I'm down in LA? I promise I'm easy to amuse.


Dave Chappelle loves WoW!

haha. I wonder what race/class he plays... maybe that rogue named "I'm Rick James, B!%#$!" will have to sell him his account.


Garrett!!! We're SO happy that you could make it. We shall hang out with you and keep you entertained as much as we could. o-tay?!?!
grace - k!
me too! i'm flying in early thursday morning - i e-mailed you my itinerary. i'm looking into rental cars :)
steph - kahrrrrrrrrrrrrrz
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