Tuesday, June 07, 2005
someone please gimme a calculator or a triple beam

So this morning, while body parts rained from the sky in another part of the country, I dragged myself out of bed around 7:45AM to wash up & prepare for hopefully the last of the series of tests for grad school at Seattle U.

Since I'm electing to specialize in elementary education, it's necessary for me to prove that I'm (superhumanly) competent in all the mathematics one might learn in grades K-8. The program requires that this competency be proven via either taking a special quarter-long class or a test... so of course, I chose the test.

Most of the questions on the 14 page test weren't extremely difficult, but the excruciating thing about the test was that no calculators were allowed and all calculations had to be performed by hand, including the multiplication and division of several loooooong 4+ digit numbers. Also, because about 3/4ths of the test is short answer, I'm required to show all my work - preferably crammed on the small space provided on the test sheet. I can understand the reason, though... since I'm supposed to be teaching all this math to kids, I have to illustrate that not only do I know the answers to problems, I also have to know how to solve the problems and what processes to do.

Bleh. There's a whole lot more fun things to do than take a 2+ hour math test...


...like watching Layer Cake. Great flick from some of the same guys behind Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, except that Layer Cake is a bit more serious and tense than that Guy Ritchie flick. Plenty of interesting characters and funny dialogue... listening to the thick British accents was an adventure too, but it wasn't so bad. I'd like to think my Brit co-workers in Japan gave me a crash course in comprehension. Bullocks!

If there's anything I've learned from movies like Layer Cake, Goodfellas, Scarface, and Traffic, it's that becoming a narco is a short-cut to a life of big money, fast cars, guns, mentally unstable men, and gold diggin' women. whoot.

I guess I do have a fall back plan for funding my grad school education.


when i heard about falling body parts i thought that was kinda funny, in a morbid way. and i wanted to draw it. but i only draw stick figures and the limbs of a stick figure look like simple lines... so i put the pen and paper away.
dks- yeah, imagine being some guy in his backyard, minding his own business... then a leg and torso come smashing down on your lawn...
A good thing about that is that nobody got hurt...except the guy who died...can you imagine 20 pounds landing on your head? A torso weighs probably more...man...I feel bad for the guy who tried to steal a ride...
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