Tuesday, June 14, 2005
so you wanna be a movie star?


...so do ya? Do you live in Seattle?


We're looking for people who are interested in being in the CoHi 2005 short film project. There are 3 main characters:

-1 male character - A High School senior (you dont actually have to be a HS senior. In fact college aged students are usually passable as HS students).
-1 female character - Junior in College (again ages 18-25 are acceptable or anyone who can pass as a college student).
-1 male "Father" character.

These 3 characters are Asian in descent (perferably the same ethnicity or appearing to be the same ethnicity, but we're open to all Asians). Also minor characters are needed so if you fall into this age bracket of 18-25 your open to audition.

The first audition date is Saturday June 18 at 6pm, at Chinese Baptist Church. Questions? Comments? Contact the directors via e-mail (chonga (at) myuw.net; gar2chan (at) yahoo.com).


From directors Chong Ahn/Garrett Chan


Holler at me if you want to be famous. One of our past actors, my friend Steph, will proudly attest to the privileges of media fame!


damn these old bones of mine!
No American Idol
No MTV Real World Road Rules
No Student Discount Movies
No Chong/Chan stardom.
ryan - hey... we got some other roles that need filling...
if such a part exists, id like to try out for the role "gym locker."
hmm...seems like that audition info doesn't jive w/ the 6/13 e-mail which says 1st chance to audition on the 18th at 6pm, and there's a location to boot. or are there 3 total...what's the real deal, holyfield?
lbs - haha.

reg - oooh, you're right... e-mail is the trusted source. i'll update this entry to reflect the "real"...
roles like getting you food. massaging chongs feet... etc? I'm not falling for that again.
ryan - it'd only be fastfood, you wouldn't have to cook. haha.
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