Monday, June 13, 2005
the silent life

My film consumption continues, and unlike my recent eating habits, it's been really good... I watched 3 Iron and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... Spring. The former is a simple story about a wandering young man who breaks into people's houses not to steal so much as sample their lives; the latter is a meditation on Korean Buddhist philosophy and life.

Both movies were made by Korean director Ki-Duk Kim and featured some memorable cinematography, and of all things... beautiful silence. Talking in the films is pretty much at a minimum. I suppose it's a reflection of my personality that I have a deep appreciation for sparse dialogue.


I've been having trouble sleeping (again), so I've been trying to find the correct rhythm (again). Part of me is worrying about the financial details of this whole grad school adventure I'm about to embark on (tuition, living expenses, transportation), while the other part of me seems fixated on personal, internal issues. And of course, there's all the pre-grad school homework and reading lists to do. Then my defense mechanism kicks in... zombie mode. Half-asleep, half-awake, half-neurotic, half-psychotic... I like to call my chronic condition "Tyler Durden Syndrome", though without the fight clubs, therapy groups, soap, or Marla.

A friend wrote recently pretty much how I feel right now:

Life is still hard but it's not as hard when you don't think about it. So I try not to.

Time to try to sleep. Really.


Yeah, i sometimes think i worry myself out of action, or maybe it's thinking yourself out of motivation... problem is, trying not to think or worry about something just adds another thing to worry about... -_-a
I learned that you should never stuff rocks into small animals from the second movie.
where do you get your movies? rent?
bek - word.

ryan - kids are cruel.

angela - if by "rent", you mean "download from BitTorrent"... then I "rent" a lot. is also a great place to get movies. They ship to Japan! =)
ive been plagued by insomnia, too. i cant get my mind off things. ive been seriously considering therapy. ever consider that yourself?
lbs - good question. my GF thinks i should go. me, my cheap-bastardness and cynicism can't imagine paying somebody wads of my hard-earned cash for them to listen to my problems.
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