Thursday, June 09, 2005

Inspired by boredom and this thread on one of my favorite sites (iPod Lounge), I decided to make a new stand/cradle for my iPod. Most of the stands other people built were on the minimalistic side though, so I decided to try something a bit more wacky, over the top, and of course, unique.

The result:

I swear I wasn't chemically influenced to create my quasi-Mesoamerican pyramid... heh. Instead, my art poses the answer to question: "What kind of building would a race of primitive, alien, music-loving robots build if my iPod appeared on their planet?" (think V'Ger, heh)

Various pictures of their enshrinement:

-The Arrival
-The Temple
-The Temple (side)
-The Temple (bottom close)
-The Temple (top close)
-The Temple (back)
-The Temple with iPod (front)
-The Temple with iPod (side)
-The Temple with iPod (top)

Those crazy robot alien heathens. Who says LEGOs are useless?


Legos are kick ass.

That is all.
hey that's pretty schweeet! you should post up some instructions on how you put it together.
ahhhhh, the good ole days of legos and not following the fold-out instructions posters.
good idea for a makeshift ipod dock though :) - is that the 40gigger?
Raymond - hell yeah.

jerm - yep, it's the 40gb 4G. I guess I could post instructions... but then I'd have to take it apart!
whoa. you should patent that sucker. it's really good!
hahahaha that's tops. you did a pretty good job there. i especially think the 'arrival' shot is a bit of genius...
that is pretty talented. just think, you could decorate your whole classroom with lego structures.
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