Saturday, June 18, 2005
i wanna go to a place where i can say that i'm alright

The weekend is here... it'll be Father's Day on Sunday. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever remember how it feels to celebrate it. Fortunately, there's other things to do to occupy my mind.

Cue up the soundtrack and ride off into the sunset. Feel free to click here to download a taste of the song (right click & save as). The lyrics:


I Wanna Go To A Place...
Lyrics & Music: Rie fu
Translation: Jonathan Wu
I wanna go to a place where I can say
That I�m alright, I�m staying there with you
I wanna know if there could be any way
That there�s no fight, and I�m safe and sound with you

*And every time I look
I thought you were there,
But it was just my imagination
I don�t see it anymore
cause I see thru you now

Ima demo
kiduka nai deshou kono shizuka na sora ni
omoidasu kedo mou doko ni mo modore nai

Soshite zutto kokoro de samete sotto kiduite
Itsuka kitto yasashisa miete kuru you ni

What�s stopping me? I get stuck again
Is it really OK? It�s never OK for me
What�s got into me? I get lost again
Is it really OK? It�s never going to be

Soshite motto sagashite menomae ni kiduite
Asu wa kitto kazamuki mo kawaru you ni
Kaze ga sotto sasayaku ugoku no wa kono daichi
Mayowa nai de yasashisa miete kuru you ni


I wanna go to a place where I can say
That I�m all right I�m staying there with you

(Even now
I think I haven�t noticed this peaceful sky
but I always remember
that I still don�t have a place to return to)
(And my heart silenty awakens
and becomes aware
that one day I�ll surely see kindness again)
(And I search more
right before my eyes I become aware
that tomorrow
the wind�s direction will certainly change
The wind whispers softly, and the earth moves
If I don�t lose my way
I�ll surely see kindness again)


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