Monday, June 20, 2005
hip.hop = gang member?

A good article was in the Seattle Times about some Asian American highschool kids fighting the stereotype that liking hip.hop equals being in gang. Check it out right here.

I remember my mother used to always say, "YOU LOOK LIKE A GANGSTER! YOU'RE GOING TO GET SHOT!" when I'd wear baggy pants or a large t-shirt. When I shaved my head, I think that irritated my Mom even more. But since graduating college with two degrees, the criticism has finally ceased. Thank God.

Besides, if I were in a gang, I'd be a whole lot richer than I am now...


this guy at church calls me "boss", except in a fobby accent.
heh- like a Korean gangster-boss, "hyung nin"? =)

i admit it, i secretly liked it when my kids at my church called me "dai goh" (Cantonese "big brother", also used by triads) or when my kids in Japan called me "aniki" or "ani-chan" (both Japanese for "big brother", the 2nd being more casual).
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