Thursday, June 23, 2005
going going back back to Cali

It's off to the Bay Area for a family wedding... my cuz is getting married (congrats Hillary!). I'm just glad that our whole family can get together to celebrate a happy event like this... better a wedding than another funeral.

Should be lots of fun. Hopefully I'll have some good pics to post later.


kids, comics, & fun with English

I recently got a good laugh from a link posted on Penny Arcade where a fan/teacher used their comics to let his Japanese students (junior high / high school) practice their English. You can see the whole collection here. The results were hilarious, to say the least... check it out.

One particular comic I had a good laugh at was this one:

(the original strip)

Hahahaha. Oh man.

Before you call me a blasphemous apostate, you gotta understand the culture behind the comic and why it's funny - consider that: 1) Most Japanese people know very little about Christianity and are thus free of Western conceptions of "Jesus"; 2) How nutty Shoko Asahara is.

Kids these days have such a macabre sense of humor... where do they learn it from?

Stop pointing at the screen.

Anyway, it's time to finish packing. To borrow steal a tradition from mr. hipstomp, here's a happy picture of me for the world to remember me by in case my airplane explodes in flames or I die in an Oak-town drive by on the way to the wedding party. Note the insertation of cute Japanese kids (my students when I was at Itami) to counteract my ugly mug.

Whale is freak'n delicious, especially fried.


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