Monday, June 06, 2005
gg Adam & Eve

(picture courtesy of The Brick Testament)

Yesterday, I went to Quest to hear my good friend Dave speak about Genesis 3, or in Christian-ese, "The Fall". Having grown up in the church for most of my life, I'm pretty familiar with the subject, but my thinking the past few years of my life has been that it's important to re-think and carefully examine many of the ideas I take for granted, especially the spiritual understanding of the relationship of God and humanity. One of the benefits of fellowship is that other people often have insights that aren't as readily accessible on an individual basis.

While the legacy of Adam and Eve's tragic mistakes in Eden fits my dim views on human nature, the part of Dave's exposition on the passage that stuck out the most to me was God's compassionate nature. Even after Adam and Eve succumbed to their own human weakness, God came looking for them... not to immediately punish them, but to talk to them and give them a chance to come back to Him.

I think I needed to be reminded of that.

My cynicism probably too often gets applied to my own life and I wonder why God would ever consider to come looking for me. There are times where I feel every mistake I've made in my own life has piled up and rendered me unredeemable and unworthy of even being anything other than a screw-up... but still, He comes looking, to save me from even myself. I feel grateful for His grace when I can remember that.


i've never really felt close to god. even when i saw angels. i don't know why.
anissa - i understand. sometimes i don't feel so close either, yet somehow, i'm always reminded that God's closeness is never limited by just our feelings.
thanks for the post. i agree - it's because of God's grace and mercy that He even allows life. we all deserve death and Hell, but God's grace goes beyond that. and that is why He alone can receive the glory.
even when you look at the story of cain and abel. cain murders abel and flat out lies to God saying he didn't know what happened! our 'instincts' would tell us that cain should deserve death. yet God is still merciful on him!
it's really amazing to see God's forbearance through the many times we turn away from Him.
jerm- word up!
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