Saturday, June 25, 2005
fruit carving, level 10

Despite an hour and half plane ride with a screaming baby, I'm still alive and kicking, enjoying family time at my uncle's house in Oakland. Yesterday, I spent my time relaxing, watching DVDs, and helping my cousin Kristina prep some food for a college graduation banquet. Mom helped too.

Kristina: Hey you wanna help me cut some fruit?
Gar: Sure, what do you want me to do?
Kristina: Cut this watermelon and scoop out the shell... we'll put a fruit salad inside it.
Gar: Wha, so you want me to cut a basket then?
Kristina: Naw, baskets are so boring. Everyone does that.
Gar: So you want me do something different?
Kristina: Yeah, whatever you want! As long we can put the fruit salad inside.
Gar: (evil laugh)


Well, cousin did say anything. I call my avante-garde creation the "Monster in the Melon". The fact that people will have to stick their hands inside its cavernous mouth to scoop out the fruit salad they wish to eat is my social commentary for the weekend.


Anyways, the wedding is today, and being that a 7 people are sharing 2 bathrooms, I got up early to take a shower. Getting up early... bah.


bwhahahha! love your melon creation. makes me laugh. -f
suika sugoi!
tight. i want to buy a watermelon just to carve it up now.
all - 9 out of 10 melons say they like being carved.
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