Wednesday, June 08, 2005
AZN Television

If you think like I think, then you'll probably agree that 90% of television is crap. Not only are a lot of shows ignorant, offensive, boring, and not funny... I'm irritated that there is usually a complete lack of human portrayals of Asian people. We're not characters... we're freak'n set-pieces/props for latest storyline involving a trip to Asia, Japanese gangsters, illegal Chinese immigrants, etc.

Anyways, I still hate the evil idiotic box of blathering noise, but I've been recently fascinated by many of the shows on AZN Television (formerly the International Channel), which the local Comcast mafia carries. Korean dramas, JPop music countdowns, movies from Hong Kong & India... plus even some original "Asian American" programming. Check out this page with a video ad and Interpol playing in the background.

But not surprisingly, most of the content is imported... when was last time you heard of American networks funding shows about Asian Americans? (Please don't mention All-American Girl... UGH.) It's obvious that the best produced shows are gonna come from the multi-million dollar companies in Asia, tailored to the sensibilities of each particular cultural set.

As a sort of ultimate test, my mother, a self-confessed television fan has started watching the channel... and not just the Cantonese programming, either. I think she's starting to get sucked into the Korean drama shows already. So hopefully this channel will stick around. I have a feeling that if this bombs, there isn't going to be anything like it for awhile...


Yeah, I like this channel too. My favorite times to record are Sunday 6pm-8. I usually don't watch after that, because I think that some of the movies are crap. But then again, they aren't too bad...if you can't guess, this is when the Japanese shows are on. Hey Hey Hey music champ (without subtitles in English), A Japanese drama (without subtitles...necessary for me to practice listening without a crutch), and Japanese movies at 8 WITH subtitles.

They also show Anime on there too...anyway for those of you who are new to the channel, check out their website for the shows and times they list.

Most of the time when I do come back from work, they are showing Korean dramas during the day...I think...but then again, I haven't watched tv in awhile due to lightning short circuiting our tv.
jon- heh, I watch the same stuff too... especially the music countdown. Japanese TV is so much more fun than American TV.
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