Tuesday, May 10, 2005
wiki wiki wiki... wikipedia

Growing up, my family always possessed a large amount of books - both my parents encouraged my sister and I to read often. The bookshelves at my house are still stocked with books on everything from cooking recipes, English literature, Chinese dictionaries, Bible commentaries, theology, home repair... even the Sesame Street books that were the first thing my bulging baby eyes learned to read over.

Luckily, at 26 years of age, I no longer drool on the pages of my books... often.

I still enjoy reading books, but recently, the internet has provided a fascinating venue for my mind to absorb Jeopardy-esque trivia and knowledge: Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia built on the idea that information on anything and everything can be gathered and edited in a fast, collaborative fashion... wiki.

Besides my research on Sikhism for my work on a project for the Wing Luke Museum, I've also read many fun and interesting articles on subjects like:

So much to read... but so much other stuff to do. Heh.


chinese surnames: mine's 5th. i love wikipedia.

my mom used to (try) teaching me to sing hymns in Taiwanese/Hokkien/etc. when i little... but i couldn't "read" it correctly until taking phonetics in college.
wikipedia rocks- i get lost in there for hours. it's amazing how it resists vandalism even though it's completely open source- the wiki police often correct any off color changes people make before anyone notices...
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