Monday, May 23, 2005
old faces, festive places, weather graces, amazing races...

...that's how I pretty much sum-up this past weekend's activities.

Friday, I went to the Shakina rally at the UW to help my friend Chong do some filming. When I arrived there around 5:30ish, the weather was looking pretty rainy, but that changed... (more on that later). I had no idea what to expect, but a huge number of people came out, I enjoyed hearing King's Fools lead worship and seeing a lot of old faces from Jubilee. It was a mostly a Korean / Asian American crowd, but a pretty significant number of non-AsianAm people too.

Of course, the KOMO-TV folks interviewed only low fan people... (clip here, right click+save as). Wassup with that?

Saturday, I went out to brunch with (visiting-from-outta town) Cora and some of the Greenwood Girls at Portage Bay Cafe in the U-District in the morning. Afterwards, we all hung out at the Greenwood house, chatting and napping... at least I was doing some napping.

In the evening, I went to CBC to help with high school kids' activity - our fun version of The Amazing Race. I was the wheel-man for a team of boys, with Wu-Tang in heavy rotation as we zipped from one location in Seattle to the next. Though we were in 2nd place for most of the race, a disasterous lack of knowledge of Washington state trivia on final task bumped us to 5th. Jacked! Still, it was lots of fun and the kids had a good time.

Sunday, there was of course church, and the quarterly all-members' meeting. After the meeting, the weather cooperated long enough for me and Siobhan to walk around the University District Street Fair, an annual event I always enjoyed when I student at U-Dub.

Evening time was spent on grinding away at a storyline/script for an upcoming media project for CoHi 2005.


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