Sunday, May 08, 2005
mother's day

Even though it was Mother's Day today, I woke up this morning not feeling any more or less affectionate toward my mother. It's not like that I don't love my mom, but the holiday doesn't make me as emotional as say, Father's Day. I'd like to think that my efforts to be a "good son" to my mother happen everyday; I'd rather do that than be one of those shifty bastards who acts like an ass to his mother every day of the year except today. Besides, my mother's birthday this past Thursday was a good celebration... Mexican food, chocolate cake, ice cream and watching the Houston-Dallas game on TV... all regardless of Cinco de Mayo, heh.

Anyways, the big celebration was in the evening at the Mar family house - according to my sister, since I was gone last year in Japan, they celebrated the holiday there. Rod generously invited my mom again, so we went. Like any Chinese family gathering, there was lots good food - fresh baked ham, salmon, salad, bread. And I got to play with the kids my sister has been nannying... fun, fun.


Also played Burnout 3 and Spongebob PS2 with the youngest, Damon... man, that Spongebob game is tough! I was amazed at how good he was at both games. I don't think I even learned to mess around with Atari until I was around 5 or 6, even then, I can remember Space Invaders and Warlords being the 2 games I could play.

He's already on his way to becoming a brilliant kid, at least according to this new WIRED article that theorizes that the reason IQ scores over the past 50 years have improved is because that people living in a modern society have to learn to work through the logic of new interfaces, follow clues, and sense relationships - actions we do all the time while using technological tools like computers, TiVo, cellphones, and yes, video games.


that IQ article is pretty interesting. i'm starting to read thru it now...
My husband says the same thing about the Sponge Bob game, lol!
Video games make you smarter? Haha. I guess I agree in some ways. But then again, I think that I would have been better off if I played piano longer than video games. However, I can attribute my good sense of hand eye coordination to my video games.
that means... I'm a genius!
i dunno. i feel pretty stupid these days. even after all those hours of wing commander. maybe it's because i kept focusing on wiping the entire squadron of wingmen + the tiger's claw, and also taunting the kilrathi as opposed to actually fighting them. "you worthless ape!"
jerm - you know you liked you shooting down Paladin and Angel. puwahaha.
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