Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sleep. You'd think it'd be as easy as just laying down and closing your eyes.

I should probably stop doodling with 'the scribbler', though.


the scribbler is addictive... let it run in the background for a while and eerie things can happen...
^that's a freaky picture, man...
haha. cool website. i'll have to mess w/ it when i'm bored at work (which is most of the time, actually). but only when nobody's looking or around ;)
for some strange reason, your pic reminded me of salvador dali:

haha... for the oyako donburi, i kinda *cheated* and used beef broth instead of the recommended chicken broth. i found a recipe online and deviated from it. i didn't have onions but to my surprise, i found that the beef broth had onions in it as i poured it out! i think the right amount of sugar is also a crucial part, and the right amount of egg-broth ratio so the eggs can soak up the broth.
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in?scrip?tion (n-skrip-shun)n.
1. The act or an instance of inscribing.
2. Something, such as the wording on a coin, medal, monument, or seal, that is inscribed.
3. A short, signed message in a book or on a photograph given as a gift.
4. The usually informal dedication of an artistic work.
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