Monday, May 02, 2005
the happy conclusion to the epic bookmark saga

Sometimes happiness is in a small and unexpected blessing.

Today, I went to my mailbox fully expecting the usual load of junk mail and bills. I was pleasantly surprised to find a hardcover book-sized package from Japan addressed to me. When I opened it, I found a 'thank you' card and many copies of this...

(nice and large size)

(on the back, in Japanese... design: Gar, year 2004, San Jordi Design Contest)

I was thrilled.

A few weeks ago, I had recreated the design after losing the original file. I sent them the new file, but I didn't hear from them immediately and I assumed it would take awhile for them to print up the design. I guess it didn't take so long at all, and now, I have an almost embarassingly large amount of bookmarks.

Anybody want a free bookmark? I'd hate for them to go to waste. E-mail or msg me, and I'll even mail it to you for free...

Someday, even if I'm still an mildly overweight, hairless, glasses-wearing, jobless, whiskey-guzzling, marginalized Asian American man, I'll be able to proudly tell my children that their father won a bookmark design contest. Haha.


because i forgot

I forgot to mention that it was a good weekend... helped moi moi move into a phat new pad, homemade dinner at Josh & Val's house, and the Ray Allen dropped 45 points to help the Sonics win Game 4. Nice.


me! me! -f
f - haha, i'll mail you yours ASAP, then. ;)
me me me me me

(i swear i was thinking this before i saw faye's comment)
ooh me too me too~
hahahah they're pretty darn funky. Congrats on a job well done.
hook me up!
mel - i know where u live. haha.

everyone else - e-mail me an addy... the file with all my addresses while I was in Japan got lost in the great computer transfer blunder. =(
you know where i live too, and i'm sure my roomies will all want a gchan original!
those are nice dude...
kk - i'll bring some extras next time i visit Greenwood.

James - if you want some, lemme know... you could, ummmm, hand them out to your employees or something. haha.
I would love a bookmark if you could spare one and mail it to NY :) maybe put your John Hancock on it too please :)
Taz- np. check your comments box. =)
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