Friday, May 13, 2005
friends and old age

Dah. Freak'n internet connection killed my post... time to regurgitate roughly what I wrote.

Last night, a group of us (Ryan, me, Shiv, Simo, Dave, Chris, Mel, Abe, Heidi, Kristie, Steph) went out for Dennis' birthday to a joint called Dragonfish in downtown Seattle. I've driven by the place plenty of times, but yesterday was my first time eating there. The food was aight, but the price was right, and the company was good... going out to eat with large groups of people usually seems to be more of a social exercise than a cruise for culinary satisfaction. Being that the group of us don't get together that often, I enjoy it when it happens.

We ate a lot of cheap sushi. I drank warm sake and marinated on various thoughts.

As we were all hanging out and celebrating the fact that Dennis was turning 27, my mind couldn't help but think that it's almost been three years since the time when a group of us were living together at the apartments in Maplewood. In a blink of an eye, that time has passed and everybody has changed more or less - some people are now married, going to new churches, working new jobs, or will be going to (grad) school.

And we're all getting a lot closer to 30 than 20. *shudder*

For myself, I guess I don't mind getting older, but there's part of me that has this whole list of things I wanted to accomplish or places that I wanted to go before I turn 30. Unfortunately, the more I think about those personal aspirations, the more disappointed I am with where I am now... I'm nowhere even close to accomplishing 1/10th of those things. And along with that disappointment comes the vicious cycle of cynicism and discouragement - the more I think about the things are undone, the more likely that they will be never done.



revolutionary soccer

In completely unrelated news, Tthe famous spokesman for the EZLN / Zapatista movement, "Marcos", has invited the Italian football club Inter Milan to a friendly match. The intersection of politics, sports, and activism is always interesting.

Maybe to negotiate with North Korea, we should send the US mens' soccer team to play their team. Winner gets to keep their nukes; loser has to disarm. Haha.


i'm nowhere near either. bah. -f
yeah, sucks, eh?

gotta keep moving.
i'm still closer to 20. and i'll be clinging to that for as long as i can, old guy :D i feel like i should be dancing around singing "neener, neener, neener..."
steph- haha, you can demonstrate next time i visit Greenwood.
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