Friday, May 20, 2005
face analyzer

This test is interesting:

Face Analyzer

Find a good headshot of yourself and use it to take the test. My results from this photo...

Beta Academic

Race Analysis
23% Korean/Japanese
77% Chinese
0% East Indian
0% Middle Eastern
0% Eastern European
0% Southern European
0% Anglo Saxon
0% South East Asian

Gender: MALE

Personality Profile
  • Intelligence 6.7
    (Very Intelligent)
  • Risk 5.7
    (Average Risk)
  • Ambition 6.6
    (High Ambition)
  • Gay Factor 1.1
    (Very Low Gay Factor)
  • Honor 5.6
    (Average Honor)
  • Politeness 2.5
    (Very Low Politeness)
  • Income 6.7
    ($50,000 - $100,000)
  • Sociability 4.5
    (Low Sociability)
  • Promiscuity 2.2
    (Very Unpromiscuous)

Personality Profile:

You are a long-term planner, diligent worker and avoid risk as much as possible. You are of above average intelligence and have the ability to focus on tasks that seem unimportant at present, but can lead to greater things in the foreseeable future. You are not keen to interact with others or make social connections. You would rather gain material wealth before putting yourself in a position to be judged. You are not confrontational unless someone directly opposes your intellectual beliefs. You are highly concerned with your social status. You are keen to avoid risks that could jeopardize your long-term plans. You take a calculated approach to life, working hard to control all aspects of it in order to not leave anything important to chance.

You tend to be a perfectionist and quite self-conscious. You sometimes wish you were less reserved and more like some others you see who are more bold and outspoken in social situations. But as much as you try to be like them, you cannot, because you care too much about the future to ever be comfortable taking risks in social situations.

Your view of other types

Academic types can end up rich but it will take longer than with Boss types. You see Boss types as potential business clients and as great resources to expand your contacts. Therefore you treat them with respect. For the most part you do not respect Artist types, however there are some Alpha Artists that you give some credit to. You look down upon Blue collar types as you consider them ignorant. You see White collar types as unsuccessful versions of yourself, but because of work situations you may have to interact with them often. You have very little in common with Charmers, therefore you avoid them. You consider Gambler types to make foolish decisions, and for the most part you do not interact with them. At times you feel sorry for Drifters.

Other types' view of you

Boss types consider you to be a valuable resource of advice. They constantly interact with you to make better decisions and they often respect your opinion. For the most part Artist types do not interact with you for they rather take it easy. They however may like you because of your knowledge of subjects that they find interesting. Blue collar types find you boring and uptight, they have very little in common with you. White collar types may respect your accomplishments and ambition. Charmer types regard you as mostly withdrawn from life and too uppity to hang around with. Gambler types think that because you play so safe you miss out on great opportunities. Drifter types have no regard for you, because your repetitive routines seem boring to them.

Alpha academic: Solid long-term planner. Highly intelligent, ambitious and loyal to close ones.

Expected Occupations: Lawyer, Doctor, Investment Banker, Chief Accountant, Corporate Consultant, Head Engineer, Stock Broker, Business owner (professional skill/knowledge based business operation)

Beta academic: Not as intelligent or ambitious as Alpha Academics, but still focused on being materially successful.

Expected Occupations: Lawyer, Doctor, Investment Analyst, Accountant, Architect, Engineer, Professor, Researcher, Psychologist

Theta academic: Not as intelligent as Alpha and Beta academics, but still intelligent.

Expected Occupations: Pharmacist, Accountant, Teacher, Journalist, Computer Technician


I wonder what sort of program is used to analyze the photos... whatever, it is, it's interesting how certain things affect the results. Hint: head position, facial expression (eyes, mouth), how you crop the photo all can affect the result.


these personality assesment sites do too much to stroke the ego, no? i'm still waiting to find one that portends ruin, if such likelihood is apparent...a site that'll tell you, "it is highly probable that you will be an alcoholic," or "you are likely to rob a bank."
lbs - yeah, this site's test seems very career-oriented... boss type? white collar type? blue collar type?

you're right, a "negative test" would be more fun... homicidal type... man-wh0re type... fat-ass obese type. heh heh.
well this site does have a "gay factor" and a "promiscuity" factor
chris - true, but i've yet to see anybody i know get a high score in those categories from the test...
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