Saturday, April 16, 2005

One of those lame activity updates.

Thursday night, I went with a load of people to catch my friend Abe and his band, the audiobiography. They played at the EMP's Liquid Lounge, which turned out to be a quite a nice venue. It reminded me of favorite bar in Sannomiya / Kobe, Chey's House, mostly because it was next to a busy street and the fact you had to walk upstairs to get to it. A double of Maker's Mark on the rocks made the resemblance complete.

I was surprised at the number of friends who came to the show - I was fully expecting just a small handful of people, but it quite a nice reunion of old friends. It's always nice when friends come out to support friends. And listening to the audiobiography is quite support-worthy. (hint, hint)

Oh yeah, and Steph got buzzed off her double Mojito. Funny.

Friday was a relaxing day of seeing tulips in the rain, eating Costco polish sausages, having a sandwich and soup, and watching a great movie - Hotel Rwanda.

Most of today, Saturday, was spent helping Stonimus move into his phat new pad near Key Arena. Man, I want a rooftop BBQ area.

Somehow, I got talked into preaching at the youth service tomorrow... I think word is starting to get out that I have trouble saying "no". My message / lesson is coming along slower than I thought it would. Hrmph.


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