Friday, April 08, 2005
now there's the hard part

So maybe my interview back in February wasn't as spectacular as I thought it could have been, but now I'm being offered a chance of being one of the select fifty students out of over 250 applicants. I guess somebody is still listening to my prayers, or in the very least, somebody else's. Props to everybody who gave me encouragement even when I doubted.

I consider myself very fortunate that God has provided this opportunity to attend grad school... assuming that He wants me take it.

My brain is already working overtime trying to figure how I'm going to be able to afford grad school or find a place to live... but I want to enjoy this moment. No schemes to sell my organs, bodily fluids, or Danny Ocean-esque casino robberies. At least, no worrying about it all until after this weekend's youth retreat.

Gone until Sunday.


Congratulations dude.
congrats bro.
selling your body and/or bodily fluids isn't that bad of an idea. Did you see that WIRED article a while back that values each body at 2 million dollars? (or course that assumes recovery of hard to isolate chemicals). but anyhow ---

DING! grats man on leveling up :) now to pay for your horse...
congrats yo. just do what i did and take a shitload of loans out. then gamble with it. cha-ching.

congratulations gar sensei.

congrats gar

thanks everybody.
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