Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I've been spending most of today suffering through a runny nose, cough, and sneezing, so instead of the descriptive details of how I spew my phlegm... news, news news.


new pope

So there's a new pope... Benedict XVI. Already Western Catholics are complaining that a more "liberal" pope wasn't elected, but I'm more disappointed that a cardinal from Latin America or Africa wasn't selected, given the fact that the future of the Catholic Church no longer rests in Europe or North America. I also think that an election of a cardinal from that area would have also guaranteed a cardinal that was interested in the social justice issues of those areas (like poverty), but we'll see. Supposed the new pope chose the name Benedict because Benedict XV was remembered as a "bridge builder" in the Catholic Church.

Some interesting articles:

Pope Benedict's Vexed Inheritance
- Some good general background about the new pope and the legacy of John Paul II that he inherits.

Former Hitler Youth
- An interesting look at Benedict's past as youth in wartime Germany and being forced to join the Hitler youth, which is quite a contrast to the Polish background of JP2.


China-Japan relations

The Chinese government now calls for protests to calm down. Relations have been pretty testy lately, but in a way, I think it's a good thing - at least legitimate Chinese complaints about the past such as the massacre of Nanking and Unit 731 can be voiced.

Still, it seems pretty provocative of Japanese government officials like Prime Minister Koizumi to keep visiting Yasukuni Shrine. That's just asking for trouble.



Vote on UN Rep Nominee Bolton Suspended
. Man, the more I read about this guy's background and the complaints leveled against him, the more I think that the Bush Administration has a unnatural talent for picking controversial candidates for important positions in government. *cough* Wolfowitz *cough*


with bushie selecting wolfowitz for the world bank, bolton for the UN, and negroponte as intelligence czar, jon stewart's theory is this: dubya simply has ENORMOUS BALLS. they're HUGE.
jon stewart... haha. yeah, the funny things are president does when he doesn't have to worry about being elected for another term...
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