Thursday, April 21, 2005
lazy days

I cooked dinner yesterday night for Shiv and it was good... there's always fun in preparing food you're going to eat yourself, as if personal involvement added some sort of magic to how it tastes. If I had the time, money, and motivation, I think it'd probably cook for more often, even if it was only for myself.

The productiveness of today was not so high, but I did do some small cleaning in preparation for my visiting uncle. I also made it down to Chinatown to the Wing Luke Museum for a meeting about a new project I'll probably be employed to help with.

Yay, working at Wing Luke again... I'm pretty excited.


blog surfing

Checking the statistics of this blog sometimes leads me to some interesting blogs. One recent visitor came from a blog titled "A Hassid and A Heretic", where the writer wrote an entertaining entry about eating non-kosher chicken teriyaki for the first time - and from a Chinese restaurant too. A Japanese dish from a Chinese restaurant... too funny.


not all my IM convos are like this

[01:21] Forrest206: hey u read my email?

[01:22] Unseen GC: no
[01:22] Unseen GC: i ignore all your e-mails

[01:22] Forrest206: great

[01:22] Unseen GC: they are pieces of the dark oblivion
[01:22] Unseen GC: that consume all of mankind
[01:23] Unseen GC: edging them to the Great Cthulhu*

[01:23] Forrest206: blah blah blah

[01:23] Unseen GC: ok, i lied

[01:23] Forrest206: you're next on the sacrifice list, Foolio

[01:23] Unseen GC: yeah

heh heh.

*(The Penny Arcade Cthulhu primer. Or Cthulhu at Wikipedia.)


food looks yum
food looks yum
lbs - thx. nothing like food from a wok.
oh my god. u are right. my computer refuses to access ur blog. poop. i have no idea how that came about. maybe some secret internal spat. i hope they make up soon. -f
faye - hrmmm... did u add my site to a "blocked site" listing on your web browser or something?
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