Friday, April 22, 2005
hanging out with unk

So my uncle is in town and I've been showing him around. What's kind of funny is that he's been to Seattle plenty of times before, so he's pretty content to just go out to eat at places with good food and watch DVDs. Being equally low-maintenance sorta guys, I guess that's what we'd consider a vacation.

Tomorrow, we'll hopefully hit the SAM.


china-japan relations

The Washington Post had a recent article about a large group of Japanese lawmakers purposely visiting Yasukuni Shrine... talk about antagonism. It's like the US Government throwing a party at Wounded Knee or having marathon along the Trail of Tears to celebrate National American Indian Heritage Month.



oh yeah, i did block ur site...

not. i've narrowed it down. the culprit is mozilla. mozilla on faye's laptop is having a spat with ur blog.
strange. i use firefox and i haven't been having any problems... hrmmm.
gar's blog = firefox friendly
no problems here...
just my laptop. poop.
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