Sunday, April 24, 2005
family time

Since my uncle is visiting from Cali this weekend, I've been having lots of "family time". Yesterday, I drove my uncle up to Seattle to have brunch with my sister and Shiv at Atlas, one of my favorite restaurants in the U-District.

Afterwards, we all headed over to the Seattle Art Museum, the main attraction being a new photography / video exhibit from China called "Between Past and Future: New Photography & Video from China". I know my uncle likes to visit museums, but since he doesn't often go out by himself, I thought it'd be nice to take him to the SAM. The exhibits were very interesting, especially the photography... the subject matter seems to be highly focused on the current social & economic turmoil in China, with emphasis on how it effects people on an individual level. I wanted to buy some postcards of my favorite photos, but they didn't have the ones I wanted.

Some exhibits that stand out in my mind:

  • A large spread of over 100 old B&W photo ID pictures stitched together form a large "quilt"

  • A video showing random, quick interviews of different people - adults, children, elderly - all saying only one thing in Chinese and English: "I will die."

  • A collage of B&W photos of urban landscapes with interspaced color photos of buildings with traditional Chinese architecture, cultural events, and people

  • A sequence of photos starting from boots all the way to the face & hat of a young Chinese soldier in full dress uniform, standing guard at Tiananmen Square.

  • A photo of convicts waiting in line for hot water, all with shaved heads and thermos

  • A series of old family photos from the '60s / '70s juxtaposed against pictures of the same people as they are today, in the exact same poses and positions - with missing chairs and gaps for people have died

Yeah, the SAM... good stuff. Even though I've never visited mainland China, I can't help but still feel an urge to go and visit, at least to travel to all the touristy places to see things with my own eyes. Walking through the exhibit, I couldn't shake the feeling that something big is happening now, and that in my lifetime, I'll probably witness the rise of China as a world power again, not just as an economic powerhouse, but as a major center of culture. Interesting.


Today was pretty laidback day... me, my uncle, Mom and Shiv met with my cousin's family and their cute baby for Shanghai-style dim sum at a restaurant close to Factoria mall. Apparently, they serve dimsum all the time and it's served made to order, instead of grabbing it off a cart like other dim sum joints. We tried lots of different dishes, but my favorites were the scallion pancake, beef pastry and the special "juicy" dumplings - both the steamed and deepfried kind that have meat & juice in them.

Mmm, dumplings.

Anyway, like most Chinese family get-togethers over a meal, there was the usual storytelling about old times along with people speculating events coming up like cousin Hillary's wedding... just two more months.

Did I mention my cousin's kid is cute? He's growing up fast.


i liked the juxtaposed pic. cute baby. haha

mmm, dumplings. my thoughts exactly. what's the name of the restaurant? i'll put it on my "MUST DO" list for next trip home...

i love websites like your cousin's wedding website =)
oh my gosh! they've made up. faye's mozilla and ld's site. hahahah.
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