Saturday, March 05, 2005
yellow peril, 2005

In the WASPy, privileged minds of the American powers that be, you can always count on evil Asians lurking about, whether they be North Koreans, Chinese, or *gasp* our own citizens, like Wen Ho Lee or James Yee.

But wait, weren't the charges against Wen Ho Lee and James Yee dropped? Weren't they proven innocent?

Hell yeah. You bet your arse they were.

So you can imagine my skepticism about new charges of espionage against another Chinese American man, Howard Hsy, who holds both dual American and Taiwanese citizenship, and is from Bellevue. I don't know all the facts of the case, but for many Chinese Americans like myself, common sense would seem to dictate - why would any citizen from Taiwan want to be involved in selling MILITARY technology to the PRC? Duh.

I suppose it all goes back to a general attitude of contempt that many of the people in this country have for foreign countries in this current political climate... but if the USA wants to move towards developing a real peace in the world and spreading positive democratic change, it needs to learn to respect China and other countries. (Thanks to AngryAsianMan for the link.)

Mark my words... any future war with China is gonna result with Chinese Americans getting thrown into internment camps like the Japanese American community during WWII. Better start planning that move to Hawai'i or Canada right now.


at least one of the men charged attended my church, STCC, so i've overheard my parents discussing this last year.
you raised the question "why would any citizen from Taiwan want to be involved in selling MILITARY technology to the PRC?"

given that the guy was involved in the (pro-independence, green party) Taiwanese community, it would seen absurb. but not for a spy. (something quite common in Taiwan, post-1949)

another reason: money talks.
angela - good point... hard to believe, but I guess you're right. throw a big enough amount of money at some people and they'd give up anything for it...
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