Tuesday, March 22, 2005
tuning out

Between the ruckus over the Schiavo case and the horrible school shooting in Minnesota, I'm glad my TV is off... it's much easier to see past the political grand-standing and contemplate the real issues by reading the newspapers.



traveling man

On a random note, I have an itch again to travel this summer... planes, trains, roadtrip, whatever. Anybody down for an adventure?

My original spring scheme to visit the motherland fell through, so I'm looking into other options. On a side note, I stumbled on this cool blog in Jordan, and then there was, of all things... a door-to-door solicitor.

Normally, I just pretend to not be home, but looking through the window, I saw it was just a single girl, about junior-high or high school age. I thought it was an opportunity to buy more Girl Scout cookies, so I opened the door. She probably looked shocked to see some scruffy-faced, shaved-head guy in glasses, but she smiled and introduced herself. I didn't see any cookies. Dang it.

According to the girl, she's on a girls' soccer team that got invited to play in a tournament England and to pay for the team's trip, she's selling magazine subscriptions. I asked her if she's ever traveled outside the US before and of course, she answered, "No..."

It occurred to me that maybe it was all scam (I was thinking of the guy inOffice Space), but in the case of young people, I try to rein in my cynicism. So yeah, I bought a subscription... an expensive one too.

The little girl was so excited, she jumped and gave me a high-five. Ha.


A news article regarding the shoot up incident in minnesota mentions that the dude was a native american 16 year old who was interested in neo-nazism (yeah, I don't get it either), and that there are a bunch of internet posts by him on a site ran by one of these nazi groups....well guess what you can read them all right here safely stored away in google memory

From what I've read so far, the kid appears to have been extremely intelligent for a 16 year old but with some seriously twisted ideas dominating his outlook on life.
jung - hey man, thanks for the link. you're right... it is a bit weird that a person who's a Native American would sign up to become a Nazi, but I guess for a kid to have gone what he's been through (suicide of father, mother in a care home) and have no real safety net... I can sympathize without condoning.

And especially given how disenfranchised Native American people are in America today.
travel. adventure.


LD. sounds like it's time for you to go on a ROADTRIP.
travel? sign me up! don't plan to work at my current job past summer, so it'll be a good opp to use up all the vacation days i've accumulated.
mmm, roadtrip! nice.
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