Wednesday, March 02, 2005
they called the love doctor and got me instead

No WoW for Garrett today.

I spent pretty much of all of it trying to polish my lesson for this Saturday at church - for some crazy reason, I've been asked to speak to the high schoolers at BASIC on the topic of "How Do You Know If You Like Someone?" / "Practical Advice About Dating". Considering that my own experiences in the realms of romance are rather limited, I guess it's a bit strange to giving a talk about the subject like I'm an expert or something.

At first, I almost contemplated scaring them / shaming them with graphic charts of the human anatomy and lists of statistics about teen pregnancy and divorce, but I've decided to take a much more light-hearted and funny approach. It suits my personality better anyways.

My current presentation plans call for a clip from "My Sassy Girl", a passage from 1 John, group discussions, and Power Point. Whoohooo!


What's the message in My Sassy Girl? Stay away from Korean women?!?! Muahaha.
so how do you know if you like someone?


g- probably.

f- wisdom to be displayed... umm... later.

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