Thursday, March 17, 2005
self stoic

"You must know that good men should behave similarly; they must not shrink from hardship and difficulty or complain of fate; they should take whatever befalls in good part and turn it to advantage. The thing that matters is not what you bear... but how you bear it.

Observe how differently fathers and mothers show their affection. Fathers make their children get up to attend to their task betimes; even on holidays they do not suffer them to be idle, but drive them to sweat and sometimes to tears. Mothers want to cuddle them in their laps, keep them in the shade, never let them be disappointed or cry or work hard. God's attitude to good men is a father's; his love for them is a manly love. 'Let them be harassed by toil and sorrow and loss,' says he, 'that so they may acquire true strength.' Pampered bodies grow sluggish through sloth; not work, but movement and their own weight exhausts them.

Prosperity unbruised cannot endure a single blow, but a man who has been at constant feud with misfortunes acquires a skin calloused by suffering; he yields to no evil and even if he stumbles, carries the fight on, upon his knee."

-Seneca the Younger, (3BC - 65AD)


Spring is for new beginnings and re-starts.




-being idle

That is all.

Happy St.Patrick's Day.


Gar without cynicism is like the Sonics without GP!
hey, I said "less"... not like I'm getting rid of all of it. =)
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