Monday, March 07, 2005
olive you and i love you

I happened to eat at a tasty Mediterranean joint Sunday evening in Greenwood with Shiv called Olive You. Gotta love the pun.

Shiv ended up eating a dinner plate, while I had tasty pita bread sandwich of roasted lamb, onions, bell peppers, and tzatziki sauce (yogurt & cucumber) with a beer. It was good. While Seattle does have a large number of cheap & good Asian food spots, it seems to be lacking in "cheap & good" restaurants for other kinds of foodfare... I guess that's probably to do with the demographics of the city.

Anyway, Olive You is definitely a hole-in-the-wall, family-owned place. The first time I happened to walk by there with Shiv, the friendly owner greeted us and gave us some free samples of stuffed, pickled olives. We ended up buying some olives from the deli and some really tasty dolmades - spiced rice stuffed into rolled grape leaves.

I need to buy more of those next time.


So my lesson on Saturday night to high schoolers on "how do you know if you like someone? / love" went well... at least that's what they say to me, haha. Starting it off with the clip from "My Sassy Girl" turned out to be good start since a few of them have already seen the movie! Man, the only foreign movies I was watching in high school featured kicking, punching, Shaolin monks, and evil ninjaz.

They're all really smart kids, so when I'm talking to them, I really feel that I'm just pointing out things that they already know, but maybe only on a subconscious level. Some principles I wanted them to carry away with them:

1. We have to separate the popular culture's ideas about love from God's idea.
2. God is the origin and our model for our ideal of love.
3. It's easy to like something; it's hard to love someone.
4. Love is not a feeling, it's a choice.
5. If we aren't filled completely with God's love, we can't truly love ourselves. And if we can't truly love ourselves, it will be difficult to love others.

Easy to write down... but a little bit more difficult to live out, right?

I had them examine 1 John 3:16-18 and Romans 5:6-8 in small groups with some guided discussion. Much more interesting than me lecturing them the whole time, I think...



A rogue AA studies TA had the excellent idea that I should do a user-submitted photo collage.

So send me a picture of time - your watch, a clock, etc. or however else you want to interpret my response.

E-mail it to garrettchan (at) I'll post the results late tomorrow night.


Olive you...too too cute.


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