Friday, March 04, 2005

I used to be so good at falling asleep... now I'm horrible at it. Sleep has now become like the stray sock that's missing after a load of laundry. I can never find it when I'm looking for it and it'll probably turn up when I least want it.

These past couple of weeks have been especially bad, but I can't just blame WoW, side projects, or a lack of fiber in my diet. I suppose if I was shelling out money to somebody like a "counselor", they'd probably just say I have "underlying issues" and that I need to just "get over it".

Good thing my cheap Chinese self has decided that self-medicating is both cheaper and easier to do...


why it's better to be Husky than a Cougar

I can't believe I missed reading this in the Seattle Times. From

So, over at Washington State University, a couple of Cougars basketball players�freshmen Alex Kirk and Robbie Cowgill�are being accused of making racial taunts and "insensitive gestures" at an Asian American student employee in the school's Multicultural Center (oh, the irony is not lost on me): WSU president assails harassment of students accused of misconduct. The employee says the players were among a group of students who would regularly pass by her window and make animal noises and gestures, and one pulled back the corners of his eyes to make "slant eyes." Y'all know what I'm talking about. That's racist! But after reviewing the accusations, the school's conduct board has found that there was "insufficient evidence to support a finding of harassment," and concluded that "the behavior, although repeated, was not harassment under the university's code of conduct and was not racially motivated." This is ridiculous: WSU students cleared after conduct code violation allegations.

I <3 the AngryAsianMan site. Props to the operator for staying on top of the news.

I think most Asian Americans in Washington state have a good idea what it's like out in Eastern Washington... how can you trust a region of the state that regularly has incidents of abuse involving Native Americans and Latino Americans?

Of course, things aren't always so nice out west either...


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