Thursday, March 10, 2005

I usually never post IM conversations... but maybe it's because usually, the things I talk about aren't worth posting or shouldn't be posted. Today is an exception.


[01:51] grahss: that's funny hwo sometimes my visits up to seattle coincide with other outta towners that are nonholidays cuz it's like almost random

[01:52] Unseen GC: yeah, that is kinda funny
[01:52] Unseen GC: it's nice, tho huh?
[01:53] Unseen GC: you can see more ppl at once

[01:54] grahss: yeah definitely! it's alwways nice hanging out with peeps upt here
[01:54] grahss: although chongsun, i've definitely lost touch with
[01:54] grahss: i realize i really appreciate those friendships
[01:54] grahss: like the low maintenance ones

[01:54] Unseen GC: hahaha

[01:54] grahss: where you don't have to talk with them or keep in touch with them hardly at all
[01:54] grahss: but then you see them and it's all good

[01:55] Unseen GC: heh, it's funny you mention that
[01:55] Unseen GC: because Shiv and I had a conversation about that

[01:55] grahss: oh yeah?

[01:55] Unseen GC: yeah
[01:55] Unseen GC: I was remarking
[01:55] Unseen GC: that guys in general have more low maintenance ones
[01:55] Unseen GC: because guys in general are low maintenance
[01:55] Unseen GC: girls on the otherhand...

[01:57] grahss: yeah it's soooo different
[01:57] grahss: i think i'm like tha tmore with my guy friends up there
[01:57] grahss: well
[01:57] grahss: more or less
[01:57] grahss: but then it's harder with the girls
[01:57] grahss: fo sho
[01:57] grahss: so i understand that things change, people move on and whatnot

[01:57] Unseen GC: yeah

[01:57] grahss: but for those girlfriends of mine up there who i can be like that with i especially appreciate

[01:58] Unseen GC: it kind of odd I suppose
[01:58] Unseen GC: that when people become friends
[01:58] Unseen GC: it just sorta happens naturally
[01:58] Unseen GC: and when people stop being friends
[01:58] Unseen GC: it sorta just fades out
[01:59] Unseen GC: unless there's some sort of dramatic incident

[01:59] grahss: hah
[01:59] grahss: yeah

[01:59] Unseen GC: but that never happens to me

[01:59] grahss: hopefully it woudl't happen to most people at our age but sadly, it still does sometimes
[01:59] grahss: i didn't realize until recently that my friendships were defintiely in large part due to convenience
[01:59] grahss: like i'd like to think i was different than that
[01:59] grahss: but..
[02:00] grahss: not really

[02:00] Unseen GC: yeah
[02:00] Unseen GC: though I think the friends I've made at UW
[02:00] Unseen GC: and through church
[02:00] Unseen GC: are definitely more lifelong friends

[02:01] grahss: yeah... your church friends.. some of them literally lifelong too

[02:01] Unseen GC: haha, yeah
[02:02] Unseen GC: at the same time, it's weird to be both close and have that low maintenance thing
[02:02] Unseen GC: Shiv was telling me how it's weird that my best friend and I
[02:02] Unseen GC: usually only talk like once a week or once every couple of weeks
[02:02] Unseen GC: but we still feel as close to each other as when we lived together in school

[02:03] grahss: haha
[02:03] grahss: yeah joe is like that too with some of his closest friends
[02:03] grahss: they're so tight, but they won't know the day to day
[02:03] grahss: it's almost like assumed

[02:03] Unseen GC: yeah, I can't explain it
[02:03] Unseen GC: it's sorta paradoxical
[02:04] Unseen GC: men sorta form certain bonds of brotherhood
[02:04] Unseen GC: and if I consider someone a good friend
[02:04] Unseen GC: he or she will always be considered a good friend

[02:05] grahss: yeah... haha it does seem like that
[02:05] grahss: like salvation

[02:05] Unseen GC: heh
[02:05] Unseen GC: good analogy

[02:05] grahss: but with girls.. it's like catholicismn
[02:05] grahss: where we have to work damn hard for that position!!

[02:05] Unseen GC: hahahaha
[02:06] Unseen GC: so true
[02:06] Unseen GC: why is that?
[02:06] Unseen GC: enlighten me

[02:07] grahss: gosh, i have no idea..
[02:07] grahss: i mean...
[02:07] grahss: i'd like to think that i'm not really a typical girl
[02:07] grahss: BUT i know that i'm defintiely like that in some ways too
[02:08] grahss: it seems too rash to say that girls are just needier

[02:08] Unseen GC: but that's what you think?

[02:09] grahss: i don't know that i could explain it
[02:09] grahss: which is really weird
[02:09] grahss: cuz i usually feel pretty confident in expalining stuff like that
[02:09] grahss: relational stuff
[02:10] grahss: i think my initial response woudl be that guys and girls are just wired differently

[02:10] Unseen GC: haha


Cheers to good friends... I'm glad I'm a guy.


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