Monday, March 28, 2005
Easter retrospect

Celebrating Easter back here in American again definitely is an odd contrast to my celebration of the holiday last year when I was in Japan. Where as here in America, there's a bombardment of pastel decorations, plastic eggs, and plush bunnies, Easter time in Japan was one of almost one of complete neglect. Call me strange, but given the choice of an over-commercialized Babylonian wackfest to a state of zero neglect, I'd pick zero neglect. At least in Japan, they're honest about not caring about the holiday.

For myself, Sunday was a church double-header... I went to CBC in the morning and then to Faith Bible Church in the afternoon. Even though the services at each were a little different, I enjoyed going. The service at CBC featured a lot of hymnal music, and my favorite, the choir, which along with the pastoral message, created a mood of more quiet reverence and happiness. At FBC, there was a performance by a childrens' choir (cute), lots of worship songs (Hillsong), and a great pastoral message about the importance of hope.

The thing I enjoyed the most though was the baptism service at FBC. Maybe I'm a little bit biased (I was baptized on Easter also in 1997), but I'm always moved by people's personal testimonies and struggles. Five people were baptized and everyone gave their testimony - one girl even gave their testimony completely in Japanese, which surprised me in how much I could understand.

After the church services, the rest of the day was spent celebrating in a typical Asian way: food. I ate Easter brunch at home with my Mom and Shiv (poor sister had to work... evil companies). Then in the evening, we all went over to the Fong family house for some more eating. It was good... it's in those relaxed family times that I really feel most laidback.


al grant charged rant

Somebody posted this link to on the IIStix board. Funny what a name can spell.


did this stuff happen to you??
^hahaha, that's an awesome link.

I can say most of that stuff is true... some of it happened to me.


Neat blog. thank you.

I invite you to visit my blog and to study baptism and the Holy Spirit with me.

Terry Finley
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