Monday, March 14, 2005

Do you like music? Are you curious about other people's musical tastes? Do you think a person's musical choices reflect on their character?

I got hooked into this sexy new site called AudioScrobbler from davefonic's blog. It's basically a social networking site, but via musical tastes - you download a plugin for your comp's audio prog (iTunes, Winam, Windows Media, etc) and it tracks info about what music you're listening to, favorite artists, what you like, etc. You then can form groups with friends or people with similar tastes to see what they're listening to, which in turn can give you ideas for new music you'd like to check out.

Pretty dope, eh? It's also free and requires no e-mail addy to sign up.

My username: enscriptCHUN

Friendster? Xanga? PSHHHHHHHHHHT.

On a somewhat related musical note (heh), I remember once laughing uncontrollably when my friend Chris said that I'm just like Barry from High Fidelity, after a rant in which I dogged on his choices in pop music. Yes, I know I have Musical Anti-Conformity Tendencies. Or what many people lack, in better words:

"good taste"

That's right, suckas... BURN YOUR RADIO.


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