Saturday, February 26, 2005
melting pot

I went out to eat with Josh, Val, and Shiv last night at a fancy joint called The Melting Pot in the Seattle Center area. It was my first time there and while the meal wasn't cheap, it was quite tasty.

In my ever-continuing quest for universal truth and knowledge, I now know this: girls really like chocolate fondue. For myself, a lowballer filled with Bowmore 17 year was quite the nice finish to dinner.


not a Rhodes scholar, just a rogue scholar

In other news, I got some encouraging results back from the Miller Analogy Test I took back at the end of January. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I opened the envelope and this is what letter said:

Scaled Score: 450
Percentile for Intended Major: 097
Percentile for Total Group: 097

Yeeeeeeeah... take that, MAT! *Pelvic thrust of dominance*

Now all I just have to make sure all the schools I'm applying to that want the MAT get the score report...


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