Friday, January 14, 2005
pass the medication

Still sick. And I'm still trying to do my grad school applications... aiyah, I really hate paperwork.


movie update:

Aliens vs Predator - This was an awesome movie. I'm buying this when it comes out on DVD - Alien screaming, spear chuckin', Predator ninja-death-frisbee-thingie throwin', guns blazing action. Is it my imagination or do all new action movies feature the HK G36 series rifle and the IMI Desert Eagle? Resident Evil Apocalypse had the same too.

Dodgeball - Nothing high-brow, but a good laugh doesn't have to be. Favorite moment had to be the team versus the girl scout troop on steroids. It totally reminds me of leading games with the kids at AWANA (only minus the steroids).

And on a random note...

Humor for people like me, thanks to 8-bit theatre.

Batman vs Dr. DOOM debate pt.1

Batman vs Dr. DOOM debate pt.2

Too funny.



Are you Korean? Are you a university student? Do you love Korean university students? My friend Justin is running just the thing for you...

KASCON XIX (Korean American Student Conference)

Register now, and attend... early registration is discounted. Justin promises it won't be lame.


kascon is cool cuz theres a lot of hot chicks. but uh, u didnt hear it from me.
- fonic

yeah, i forgot that's the best way to get guys to go student conventions. mention the girls.

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