Sunday, January 16, 2005
Capt. Jason Orlich sat in the audience listening to Yee's cultural-awareness briefing, a requirement of all incoming soldiers. The briefings were intended to ease the religious conflict between guards and prisoners, and Muslim and non-Muslim soldiers.

But as the chaplain continued, Orlich, who had arrived at Guant�namo just days earlier, grew uncomfortable.

As the camp's new security chief, he was troubled by Yee's message � not in his words but in "these subtle nuances in the way he was crafting things."

"It was like he was almost trying to justify their [the extremists'] acts," he later said. "And how they think, and how they operate in the world they come from."

Something else bothered Orlich. Yee mentioned he had studied in Damascus. Orlich wondered about a man who would go to Syria � a state sponsor of terrorism � to find God.

That was the day, he said, he first became suspicious of James Yee. And he wasn't alone, he would insist.

"You could ask anyone who went through that initial briefing," he said. "Everybody who walked out after it was over sat there going, 'Is he on our side, or is he on the enemy's side?'"

(The Powerpoint presentation made by Yee... is this really 'suspicious'?!)


The Seattle Times has finished their excellent series by reporter Ray Rivera about the case of Capt. James Yee, the Chinese American Muslim Chaplain accused of aiding terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

Part 1: A Rising Star
Part 2: Mission Guantanamo
Part 3: Fear of Betrayal
Part 4: A Witness Comes Forward
Part 5: The Arrests
Part 6: Espionage Fever
Part 7: Painful Secrets
Part 8: A Case Crumbles
Part 9: The Final Collapse
Documents / Evidence
Timeline of Key Events
About this series / the author

I really encourage everybody to read it, because if all this BS can happen to a man who is a West Point grad, a respected soldier, and a chaplain, it can happen to anyone. It's a fearful and prejudiced age we live in today.

Don't be surprised if They come for you too.


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