Monday, December 13, 2004
the word of the day is productivity

I got a lot of things to do today, but of course, before I do any of them, I have to write about my plan to do them on this blog. Ha! The urgency factor is a little bit higher than usual because I also am leaving for NorCal this Wednesday and I won't be back until this Wednesday.

Stuff to do:

-Go to the bank to check on the dough-lo
-Go Christmas shopping
-Wrap presents
-Mail packages to friends for Christmas
-Finish applications for job
-Start / finish applications for school

I need to be motivated, by it's hard. Apathy is sort of an insidious thing... it's born in disappointment, and it's nourished by depression and frustration. For people who have personalities like me, the best thing to do is to pray, spend time with friends who encourage you, and just try to ride it out. This past weekend was a good reminder of that.

Friday night was a Christmas party at the House of Ko... camera man Noah took pictures here of the action. He even caught me scratch'n my nose while I was immersed in a hardcover fanboy Transformers book... haha. But yeah... I enjoy these holiday get-togethers, especially since I haven't seen everybody in awhile, being gone in Japan and all.

Oh yeah... productivity.

I'm off.


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