Friday, December 10, 2004
wandering teacher

Today was a strange day. I woke up early to ride with my Mom to her work in Chinatown, and after a brief visit to Uwajimaya for some musubi to snack on, I proceeded to walk from Chinatown to Shiv's school in Madison Park - it took about an hour and half.

There's something very spiritual about walking.

As I trudged slowly through the rain, rock'n my backpack and umbrella, I passed through several neighborhoods... the Vietnamese enclave outside of the international district; the ghetto-fabulous hood around Martin Luther King Jr. Street; and finally, the posh and well-to-do neighborhood in Madison Park. As I walking solo, with nothing but the rhythmic sound of traffic around me, my mind continued to marinate on the thoughts stewing in my brain since my return from Japan.

Once I reached the school, my focus turned back outward to meeting Shiv's co-workers and working with the kids, mostly the pre-k to first graders. I got to see playground time, snack, free play, and the final kicker - storytime with Uncle Garrett. I read a Japanese book I brought back from Japan, called "Obake no Tempura" (Ghost Tempura). I read the entire story in Japanese while Shiv read my rough translation in English. The kids were surprisingly enthralled.

I'm going to my first Christmas party of the season tonight. I'm hyped.


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