Wednesday, December 22, 2004
the san francisco

dear blog,

Sorry I've been absent, but there hasn't been much happening until today... I've just been enjoying all the down time of chilling in at my uncle's pad.

Today, my uncle took the day off from work, so along with cousin M, they took me to see some tourist spots in downtown San Francisco - the Metreon, Union Square, riding the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf, etc. I've been around San Francisco before as a kid, but it was interesting to see things again as an "adult".

Night time, I met up with folks from IIStix Syndicate for dinner at a Korean BBQ joint and dessert at a cafe. Good times.


I always enjoy visiting the BA, but I think I'm more than ready to head back home in about 16 hours. I guess Seattle life has been etched into my soul when I crave colder weather and gray skies as opposed to beautiful NorCal sunshine and blue skies.

And yeah... dial-up is so lame.


did you see the cool anime store in the metreon and the sony store and the big gundam head?
dial up is my friend. don't be a haterbully.
bwhahaha. -f
ryan - yup!

faye - dialup?! u need broadband too then. ;)
Ey, you enabled the site feed. woo hoo! hope you had a great time in cali. gotta have sunny skies and gray skies to appreciate either one. -alan
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