Sunday, December 26, 2004
post x-mas

Did Santa bring you a lump of coal? Got some extra money? Did Grandma buy you yellow socks (again)? Want to start buying presents for next year already? Perhaps you're thinking, Where does a finicky, quasi-revolutionary, anti-chain store guy like Garrett shop at?

Or do you want to engage in the borderline-Babylon activity my friend Steph calls, "retail therapy"?

Here ya go... nice online joints that sell cool stuff that'll push your bank account closer to zero and perhaps, may help re-start the sluggish world economy. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Gar's List 'O Shopping Sites

  • media freak

    .:Amazon - Books, CDs, DVDs, computer games and lots 'O stuff.

    .:Barnes & - Books, books, books. Amazon lite, but sometimes, it has good deals.

    .:YesAsia - DVDs & CDs from China/Japan/Korea, along with region-free DVD players to use 'em.

    .:JBOX - Stuff from Japan.

  • music

    .:Sandbox Automatic - Loads of hip.hop CDs, records, mixtapes, etc., especially underground stuff.

    .:HipHopSite.Com - Like Sandbox Automatic, except it's also got a team of discerning critics reviewing the latest sounds.

    .:Grado Labs - Audio equipment, especially the backpacker's choice of headphones - the SR80

    .:iTunes - Don't steal music. Or at least, pay for the music ya got... heh.

  • gear

    .:DigitalGravel - Hands down, my favorite online clothing store featuring my favorite labels like LRG, Nonsense, TRUE, and Milkcrate Athletics. Superfast shipping and reliable service.

    .:Blacklava - Revolutionary clothing.

    .:Janet Jewelry - Beautiful handmade jewelry and great service. Has options to order custom-made pieces; I had stuff made here for my mom, sis, and GF for various special events.

    .:Soy Clothing - Seattle-based AsianAm company.

    .:Karma Loop - Urban clothing with frequent offers. Contact my IIStix homie June if you're interested in a discount.

    .:Neighborhoodies - Make your own hoodies! Awesome.

    .:Game Skins - For the video game addict(s) in your life.

  • electronics - Computer goodies.

    .:ZipZoomFly - More computer goodies.

    .:EB Games - Video games, new and used.

    .:VoodooPC - Luxury computer maker. If ya wanna buy a custom, ultra-light carbon fiber notebook (about 3 lbs), this is the place.

    .:Alienware - The Dell of the gaming PC industry. A large selection of pre-built machines.

    .:Falcon Northwest - The Aston Martin of gaming / luxury computers. Can paint a computer to match your car.

    .:Shuttlebox - The original makers of SFF cases.

    .:snapfish - Upload photos, buy prints or stuff with yer photos on it.

    .:Mac Mall - Deals on Apple stuff.

  • misc

    .:eBay - Just about anything you want can be found here at a good price, as long as you're smart enough to bid well for it. Newbies should ask for help from a vet.

    .:Craigs List Classifieds - You'd be surprised what you can buy or sell here.

    .:Shomer Tec - A lot of stuff that every guy should have - watches, knives, flashlights, tools... and ummm, tactical gear. Gas mask, anyone? Heh heh.

    .:Airsoft Atlanta - Generally fast shipping.

    .:Airsoft Gun Warehouse - Nice manufacturer listing.


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