Wednesday, December 29, 2004

As birthdays go, I think this past 26th birthday of mine will probably live in my memory as one of the most memorable ever... I'm still speechless. The prelude to my birthday was already really nice - I received a handmade scrapbook of my father's old sermon notes from Shiv & my family. That present by itself left me awestruck.

I've been back about only one month from Japan now, and I suppose part of me was wondering what difference it really made whether I was gone or still around in Seattle. Because of the holiday season and my recent time being away in Japan, I wasn't expecting a lot of people to come out to celebrate my birthday with me. After all, Christmas / New Year is mostly a family season, and since I'm a strong believer in the importance of family, I don't feel comfortable asking friends to sacrifice that time just to mark the anniversary of me shooting outta the womb.

So it was quite a nice surprise to see over a dozen different people show up for dinner - friends from church, university, etc. Even my ninja sister made a special appearance! But the real kicker was my birthday present... this:

.:The Full View
.:Pimptastic Blue LEDs

While I'm shocked and flattered about the price of the present my friends got for me, I feel even more loved by the knowledge that it took a lot of cooperation and work for my friends to put that computer together for me - it's a completely custom made system.

It may sound hopelessly trite and sentimental, but the feeling of being loved and appreciated by your friends (especially when you don't ask for it) is the best feeling in the world. And knowing that God has blessed me abundantly through the friends I have keeps me both grateful and humbled. More thoughts on this later.


For those of you who, you can help donate as little as $5 to relief efforts in SE Asia with just a few clicks... here's a link.


wow what a gift! happy belated birthday.

- dee el
happy belated dude. thats a tight looking sys. u forgot to post the specs tho...

DL - thx.

fonic - thx... and i dun know the exact specs, but i'll be sure to post it... heh
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