Tuesday, December 07, 2004
I'm not Chinese, I'm Irish

Names can be a really funny thing. My first name isn't very common and it's actually most common as a last name.

For fun, I actually looked up my name on one of those genealogy sites and this is what I found:

The name is of Irish origin, and the family crest / coat of arms consists of the colors of red and white. The family motto is "Semper Fidelis" (Always Faithful), which of course is famous as the US Marine motto.

Random Garrett remarks in regards to the above:

  • The character at the top of this page means "faith / believe" while the Garrett family motto is "semper fi"
  • Steve McGarrett was the cop from Hawaii Five-O (and how my Dad picked my name)
  • Yee haw! Pat Garrett was the sheriff who gat'd Billy the Kidd.
  • One of my nicknames given to me by my crew in Japan was "Irish" because of nickname evolution: Garrett -> G-Double (double, R, T) -> G-Dub -> Dublin -> Irish
  • ...and because of my love for whiskey and bourbon. ^_^
  • My GF has an Irish name
  • eGarrett.com is the website for Honeywell Technologies, makers of the Garrett Variable Nozzle Turbine for turbocharging! Zoom zoom sucka.
  • Garrett is a line of metal detectors, most commonly the "wand" variety. So the next time it beeps next to your butt, think of me.
  • Garrett A. Morgan was an African American inventor / businessman who was the first to invent and patent a 3-position traffic signal: Stop, Go, and Pedestrians Cross. He also invented a gasmask for use by firefighters and the US Army in WWI. Wha wha whut.
  • Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary is a 150 year old graduate seminary in Illinois.
  • There's even the city of Garrett, Indiana! ummm... yeah!

Doesn't it make you wanna name your kid Garrett?

(/sarcasm) :P


don't forget the little kid named garrett from the chinese summer program whom you instantly bonded with from having the same name!
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