Friday, December 24, 2004
hoodie tastic

It's the day before Christmas, and all through the house... yeah. The sounds of a fan and frying oil in the kitchen - Mom is cooking.

Christmas is just a day away, and as jaded and cynical as my 25 years have made me, the little kid inside of me is still looking forward to tearing off the wrapping paper of my presents. It's one of the few childish indulgences I can afford myself these days.

The heat in my house is non-existant... it's the cheapo Chinese way. Put on a sweater the parents would always say. That never changes.

I had an AIM conversation with somebody last night about the power of hoodies. As much as the kid in me is excited about opening presents, the same adult occupying this carcass is still worried about... stuff.

Nothing to do but pull the hood over your head and drink tea.


i could use a hoodie too. ha. -f
is that in the fashionista manual? ;)

heh heh.
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