Sunday, December 19, 2004
california love

This little trip to see a wedding and visit family is almost half way over.

Brief thoughts:

1. It doesn't really seem like winter when it's sunny and a nice 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
2. Family gets older, but everybody still has the same habits... to quote a funny conversation between my Mom and one of my Aunties:

Mom: "So, have you been taking your medicine everyday?"
Auntie: "You mean the pills or the bourbon?"

3. I <3 Fry's.
4. I <3 Rasputin and Amoeba.
5. Lion dance at a wedding banquet by kungfu kids > DJ playing "Bye Bye Bye"

6. The level of embarrassment of a story my Mom tells about me is still directly proportional to how much I don't know some random stranger.
7. Bay Area traffic sucks.
8. 14.4k dial-up sucks worst.


More later.


Heh, it's 12:48am right now. Blogger did the same thing to me. It posted an hour later than what it actually is. (hence the 1am)

I'm glad that you're enjoying your California stay. Nothing beats family in my opinion. =)

Fry's aka "Toys 'R Us" for technophiles...I *heart* Fry's!
i miss the bay
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