Thursday, November 25, 2004
post-nippon insomniac

It's about 5:30 AM right now in Seattle and I'm still awake. Call it the power of jetlag or an over-active mind, but I can't sleep at the moment... I feel like Ed Norton in Fight Club - not sure when I'm awake and not sure when I'm asleep.

My entire Japan experience is still milling around in the recesses of my brain, like restless spirits banging the inside of my skull until I release them. I've decided to dedicate the next week or two weeks to releasing all of 'em via writing on this blog... then maybe I'll get some sleep.




I got an e-mail from another one of my former students today - he asked if I had made it home to Seattle OK. I suppose that while I'm physically here, my soul is still catching up. He mentioned he liked the card I gave... a simple two sided postcard I printed out after using Adobe Pagemaker to put it together. I distributed the cards as "Thank You" cards to all my students and co-workers.


The front is simple collection of 4 photos - Autumn in Kyoto at Kinkaku Temple; Winter in Kobe at Suma Beach; Spring in Ashiya at Ashiya river; and Summer at Ashiya JR Train station.

On the back is printed this simple ditty I wrote...


put under the shade of amber-framed skies
we sometimes fall back with half-closed eyes
unable to see in the winter of our discontent
that sometimes the best way to find yourself
is to lose who you are now.

for the future often follows an unknown course
and lacking clarity, we let doubt spring forth
thinking to avoid the summer sun's glare
not understanding that who we should be
is often grown out of hardship.

now I hold happy memories when they're made
clutchin them close so they'll never fade
because finding peace in life's changes
means I must measure those small memories
more heavily in my heart.

for under Heaven all things will pass away
just as sunrise and sunset complete each day
but treasuring the time I've been given
is how I'll light my darkened years
because even old memories can shine... guide me through another season.



so whens the next overseas trip??

faye - ;)

fonic - time for inaugural IIStix adventure... let's hit up somewhere interesting.

Cuba anybody?
When one of my older brothers came home from Japan after an exchange, he had a hard time sleeping at night. I remember that he would just be sitting in the middle of the living room reading letters or writing letters. It was a good experience for him.

Anyway, people tell me that when you can't sleep sometimes, then it could be that God wants you to pray. It's just that person's experience with praying, but maybe writing out what happened in Japan would be good for you. Try to discern what God is trying to tell you.

And don't get me wrong. If you "hear" God audibly, then people, then that's probably not God. I know that you know that already G, but just telling everyone else.

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