Sunday, November 14, 2004

Today was a pretty chill day... some friends invited me to an Autumn festival at Kobe University where I indulged in a lot of eating - yakisoba, yaki-jagaimo (roasted Japanese potato), karage (fried chicken), and cotton candy. Pretty much every conceivable group or club at the university had a food booth. Prices were good two - everything was around 200 yen or less ($2).

The weather was cloudy and cold... and I loved it. Good riddance to the ridiculously hot Kansai summer.

At night, there was a live performance by a Japanese artist named Kokia, who's apparently pretty popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but isn't as well known in Japan. She performed a lot of songs from this album, with only a keyboardist and acoustic guitar player for backup.

Her live performance was quite good - no lip-syncing (*cough* Ashlee *cough*), but then again, her performance didn't feature really any booty-shaking dancing either. It was all about the music. I was really impressed by her vocal range too, especially in the song "I believe (Umi no Sokokara)". Turns out she studied opera in school.

I guess by virtue of her live performance... I'm a fan now. Gonna cop her album.


Speaking of music... ODB is dead?!!?

Man... sad. Wu-Tang and hip.hop will never be the same without Ol' Dirty.

Wu-Tang is for the children!


Kokai does have a nice voice, I just wish there were lyric translations so I could understand the subject matter.
"shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy yay"

straight genius. another legend passes.. =(
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