Tuesday, April 13, 2004
yum yum yum

So I'm walking thru the Umeda area of Osaka and outside a fast food restaurant, I saw the picture below. After spotting this sign, I can only conclude that the meat crisis here in Japan (mad cow beef, bird flu, etc.) has reached a new level of desperation.

Am I a little bit dyslexic, or is this sign just hilarious? I can hear the slogans already.

---> (cue corny announcer voice)

Forget dangerous beef and chicken meat... he's not only your best friend and able to fetch, he's...

...YOUR LUNCH! MMMMMmmmmm...

---> (/corny announcer voice)

For a country as modern and intelligent as Japan, the skilled use of English still is a ways off. After all, even if something is perfect grammar-wise, doesn't mean it's proof against sounding wacky. I suppose that's a part of the finer parts of "native usage".

And probably the same reason my nihongo speaking skill-age sucks too.


Bonus cheap laugh:

My warm-up conversation about foreign countries and travel with one of my English students.

Her: "I like Australia. It has a lot of ugly culture!"
Me: "Huh? Could you repeat that please?"

(she looks really happy about insulting Australia)

Her: "Yes, yes.. Australia has a lot of ugly culture!!!"
Me: "What do you mean?"

(the student is surprised)

Her: "Chan-san, you are so smart... you don't know ugly culture?"
Me: "Please tell me more..."
Her: "You know... lots of cow, sheep, big farm..."

The lightbulb in my brain starts to glow dimly.

Me: "You mean agriculture?"
Her: "Yes, yes... UGLY CULTURE!"

Ah, the fun of being an English teacher... English really is a language of nonsense.


On a personal note, I'm actually feeling a lil kanashii (dictionary linkage for edjamacation), but that's OK... trying to muster some resistance to my grim and cynical nature.

Thank God for laughter.

Oh, and if anyone finds my brain, please mail it back.


random note: I've been reading more foreigner blogs (of bicultural English speaking people like me) here in Japan... I'm glad I'm not the only one.

But I'm probably the only 4th generation Chinese American pastors's kid prodigal son with a shaved head and fondness for firearms born in Oakland and raised in Seattle who likes hip-hop... SO THERE.

(Note my lame attempt at cementing my uniqueness is just as awkward as the previous sentence.)

WARNING: Careful about the following links. If you dun like crass humor (I do, though), bizarre pictures (some OK, some... so wrong), or light-hearted misogynistic behavior (I only read about it doing it... really! heh.)... DO NOT CLICK ON THESE LINKS.

People of internet land, you have been warned. I ain't responsible for the corruption of your kids. But check these blogs out... I'm not the only person that thinks life here in Japan is sometimes waaaay too wacky.

As mentioned before, kindofcrap.com... hilarious writing (turns out him and his brothers... all G names. It's so familar, it's crazy). Some pictures from Kansai here on Wasabepasta... a lot of famous landmarks, like the Glico Man in Shinsaibashi, Kinkakuji, etc. Some Filipino view-age of life as non-white foreigner in Japan is at The Shout OUT.

I wonder how many Asian American / Canadians / Aussies / Brits have blogs about life here in Japan. I'm curious, but not curious enough to do the work in finding out.

That's probably why I'm a slacker...


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