Friday, April 30, 2004
chicken fight

If you didn't think the above is funny, then bless your heart... your soul is more innocent than mine. And yes, it's a kids' manga (comic) about boxing. Really.

I snapped the pic with my cellie last Monday while doing my sentaku (laundry) at Korean-Japanese owned coin laundromat. The family that owns it is coo and always greets me by name when I come.


I had an epiphany recently, which happened under the following circumstances: a goodbye party, being stuck in Osaka, a double shot Johnnie Walker Black Label in a lowballer glass, and being crashed out on a friend's couch for a late night nap before catching the early train home.

The exact words of the epiphany as it came to my brain and it whispered:

Garrett, you're starting to say "I really just don't care..." with a lot more frequency and ease than you should be comfortable with...

Fast forward to 6:00 AM this morning and I'm walking home, rock'n my ballcap low over my eyes... it echoed again in my head when I saw this woman trip and fall, probably over her ridiculous high heels. Her stuff spilled all over the ground in front of me, and normally I'd help... but as the words of the epiphany were about to echo again in my head, I cranked up my MD player to blast Mobb Deep's Hell on Earth instead...

Quiet as kept, I lay back and watch the world spin
I hear thugs, claimin that they gonna rob the mobb
When they see us, I tell you what black,
here�s the issue it�s a package deal,
you rob me, you take these missiles along with that/
i ain�t your average cat
f**k rap, I�m tryin to make cream and that�s that
Whatever it takes, however it gots to go down
Four mics on stage or muthaf**kin four pound
Speakers leakin out sound and n*ggaz leakin on the ground
I could truly care less...

(Translation for uninitiated:)

Introverted and relaxed, I observe the world's progress.
It has come to my attention that people say that will attempt to forcefully take what is mine.
Very well... if you seek to deprive me of what is mine, I will respond with projectiles from my firearm.
I am not the typical person you are used to.
I don't care about rap; my concern is the generation of wealth, no matter the means or the circumstances - whether it be via music or a fully loaded firearm, faulty speakers or bleeding corpses.
It is irrelevant.

Maybe I'm just feeling surly... I shoulda helped the poor lady. But I didn't.

Instead, I went to the 24-hour Family Mart and bought some anpan. Somehow breakfast seemed more important at the time.


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